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How We Manage Our Projects
Whether it's Construction, Construction Management, Painting & Special Coatings or Facilities Services, we believe the success of every project is the result of a collaboration – a collaboration of both the human and the technological. We understand "the buck stops with us" as a company, however, we are made up of dedicated construction professionals with a long history of experience in each of our divisions. Each one of us is responsible for the comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective management of every project we take on – from start to finish. We believe integrity, communication, and follow-through are the keys to every project we take on.

To accomplish these tasks we've provided our Project & Division Managers all of the necessary and up-to-date technological tools – including our state-of-the-art software program, CMIS™ (Construction Management Information System). As one consultant (who helped us with some internal development) who's been in the business for thirty years working with medium to large construction firms, commented when he saw our system, "I've been looking for something like this for thirty years." This is where the collaboration with technology comes in. 

CMIS allows us as a company to manage our projects with the kind of ease and flexibility that not only make us more effective project managers, but reduces the need for support staff (lower overhead), which in turn results in reduced general conditions (costs) for our clients.

CMIS' "Just Do It Once" approach to construction management, administration and accounting has enabled us to provide the type of "real time" construction documentation that we believe is unsurpassed in the industry – it is a way of management, a way of doing business that streamlines operations to be as efficient as possible. With its single entry design, all modules have been designed from the source up, creating a real integrated solution. Our software program is a true blend of information, process, and user interface that make a complete solution for the Construction Industry. We believe that because we are winners with this program, you, our client will win as well. From initial contact to estimate and project completion, CMIS tracks all communications, letters, memos, RFI's, Submittals, budgets, COR's, PCCO's, daily reports, etc.

For a look at this incredible management tool, go here.

General Contracting

Commercial Building is our founding business and our largest division. Since our inception in 1982 our focus has been on Conceptual Planning, Precision Estimating, Detailed Scheduling, and expert Project Management. We have always seen ourselves as an extension of our client and approach every project with that in mind.

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to value engineer a project to maximize our clients investment. Many times our VE (value engineering) ideas have made a project ‘pencil out’ that originally wouldn’t ‘have had a prayer’.

Budget Estimating and Unit Pricing
In a desire to better serve our clients with quick and accurate budget pricing, we’ve developed a unit-pricing spreadsheet that covers approximately three hundred (300) line items. This allows us to respond quickly and efficiently (sometimes within an hour) to our clients with budget pricing that allows them to beat their competition to the table in presenting lease proposals. The ‘unit-priced’ estimates more accurately represent real costs rather than a ‘shotgun guestimate’ which many times misses the mark. Historically, when we’ve submitted these budgets to our clients (upon which they base their lease proposals), the actual ‘hard bid’ numbers have consistently come in five percent (5%) to fifteen percent (15%) lower, thereby saving our client additional monies. We developed this format over thirty years ago and continue to refine and update it to account for current market conditions.

For your next project or if you have questions about how we might serve you and your particular needs, please contact Scott Reno, President at or Vern Pitts, Jr., VP Construction & Operations at

Painting & Special Coatings

The Painting & Special Coatings Division was added to our array of services in the mid 80's as a result of our desire to provide additional services to our clients and to have greater control over project schedule and costs.

We can tackle projects of any size, from simple office touch-ups to large industrial projects and multi-structure business parks. Our expertise and skill is multifaceted, allowing us to take on unusual or complicated projects. We also offer our clients a variety of options to meet their needs, including digital renderings of prospective color schemes (at no charge). Our expertise comes from a high level of continuous training and education for all employees. From cleanrooms to concrete, we've got you covered.

A Shave and a Haircut . . .
Our Painting division also handles all market-ready improvements which typically include new paint, floor covering and janitorial work. These are known in the industry as "Clean & Shows" (or A Shave and a Haircut). By running these projects through our Painting Division we are able to reduce the general conditions and double mark-ups which would typically be passed through by a general contractor. Because our painters are already on the project we handle all of the mobilization and supervision through our field people. This saves our client both time and money.

We are certified in the following applications:

  • Textured Coating of America (The largest "green" coatings manufacturer in the world.

  • Platinum Super-Cote System

    1. Texcote Cool Wall Coating System (A revolutionary concept in exterior wall coatings. It is especially formulated to reflect the sun's heat and you can recognize savings of up to 22% on your energy usage. The TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® SUPER•COTE™ system can only be applied by those authorized by TEX•COTE®. COOLWALL® Systems has been proven to reduce energy usage and its manufacturing process incorporates the usage of post consumer recycled content.

  • Rust-Oleum

    • Concrete Protection System (CPS) Type I (paint, 16 mils to 60 mils) – only to br applied by properly trained in-house crews.

    • Concrete Protection System (CPS) Type II (coatings, 90 mils to 250 mils, 1/4") – typically installed by Rust-Oleums independent national contractor network.

    • These flooring solutions cover a wide range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power/electric, with products formulated to withstand rust, heat, abrasion, chemicals, corrosion and more.

If you questions about how we might serve you through our painting division, please contact Brett Johnson, Director of Painting & Special Coatings at

Facilities Services Division

How we got started in Facilities Services...
Twenty-two years ago we were approached by one of our clients to take over their lone building engineer and handle all of their service needs "in-house" - we gladly agreed. They believed that we could more efficiently and cost-effectively provide the kind of service they needed to maintain their portfolio – especially with the resources we already had (construction and painting crews) as additional back-up if necessary. With this aspect of property management contracted out to us they were able to focus on what they needed to do best, i.e., property management and tenant relations. They no longer had the overhead or the pressure of running another division within their organization. Rather than finding things to keep their service technician(s) busy, forty hours a week, we now provided service for them only on an "as-needed" basis. Because we work on over 30 million square feet of property throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, we have plenty of opportunities to keep our service technicians busy.

What began as a one-man facilities division has now (twenty-two years later) turned into a comprehensive Facilities Services Division with over ten service technicians working on over 30 million square feet of property for some of the best property owners and managers throughout the Bay Area.

Our Services...
We provide maintenance services on a daily, weekly, monthly or "as-needed" basis, including 24/7 emergency services with calls directly to our "on-call" service technicians. We are security and safety-conscious, ready to offer you the best facilities services and maintenance programs available today.

For a full list of services we provide, click here...

If we can serve you in this capacity or have questions about how we might customize our maintenance services for your particular needs, please contact Brett Johnson, Director of Facilities Services at

Subcontractor's Center

Our Philosophy
We, at C & J believe that our success is directly tied to the team we bring to each project. We have strived to create an "alliance" with all members of each project, beginning with the client and including service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees. We strive to build long-term relationships with each of these "stake holders" realizing that the quality & efficiency of our performance is only as good as its weakest link. We place a high value on character, integrity, communication and the willingness for all involved to exceed minimal expectations.

Prequalification Form
If you are not already a pre-qualified subcontractor and you agree with and meet the requirements of our Master Subcontract Agreement and Insurance Requirements, Construction Subcontract (job specific), and Exhibit B – Project Safety & Cleanliness, and would like to be put on our bid list, please complete our Subcontractor's Pre-qualification Form with all the required attachments and return via e-mail to